We are looking for tv spot for english company

Casting organizado por: Daniela en Islas Baleares

URGENT!! We have many places to cover!! We are looking for TV SPOT for English Company. It is valued to be English, Irish, Indian-English.
Shoot in October. Cast next 15 & 16 SEPTEMBER

-ENGLISH MEN 18/45 years
-ENGLISH WOMEN 18/45 years
-BOYS 5/11 yearsThe most important is that you can work in Spain (NIE and Social Security Number)

Please send whatssap to 620246688 or by mail hola@mnstudios.es at least 2 pictures with neutral background & good lighting: close-up with natural face (avoiding sunglasses and photofilters) and full body picture. (You can use your cellphone)

With your details: Name & surname, date of birth, high, weight and telephone number. 

Publicado el 10-09-2015